Our Services

"Our aim is to develop affordable and simple-to-use applications that solve problems and challenges of any complexity"

Web Development

Since the advent of Internet, software applications have defaulted to being web-based. This enables access from any location. With progress in technology, devices that access Internet have multipled in sizes and varieties. This needs web applications that can detect the device and resize web pages accordingly. Talk to us to help you achieve this and add any functionality to meet your business needs

Mobile Applications

Our team has a wealth of experience developing mobile applications for businesses. With over 80% of Internet users using mobile phones to access the Internet, it only makes sense to target this group for your services through Mobile Apps Other mobile applications that we develop for our clients include SMS and USSD applications

Pesaplus M-Banking

We have developed an innovative software applications that enables Saccos and Banks to give their customers the flexibilty of accessing their bank accounts using their mobile phones We also have software that makes it easy for businesses like insurance companies to integrate mobile money into their day to day business transactions

Web Applications

STOO - Data Backup

Habary - Bulk SMS

M-PESA Integration

SACCO Software Solution